Design Requirements:
The design and layout of decks, stairs, and ramps is complicated and the
following building code items should be addressed in the design details:

  • Wind Load and Floor Live Load
  • Handrail and Guardrail Layout and Design Lateral Loads
  • Stair Tread Widths and Ramp Slopes
  • Stair and Ramp Landing Locations
  • Protection of Wood Grain Ends From Rain
  • Connections That do Not Degrade With Weather and Time
Handrails & Guardrails:
  • Handrails and guardrails must be designed and installed per building code
    requirements.  Proper connections are required to resist the design lateral

  • Many pre-fabricated handrails and guardrails have connection strength
    problems when attached to wood frame decks.  These systems are usually
    designed to be installed on concrete or steel materials.

  • Wood frame guardrails usually work best for wood frame decks.
Pressure Treated Bridge
Pressure Treated Guardrail
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PDF Drawings: Sample Stairs
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