Restaurant/Bar Design Requirements:
Restaurants and bars require compliance with the "Food Code" which has
special health, electrical, and plumbing designs.  The Department of Hotels
and restaurants or the Department of Agriculture will also review the project
Design Considerations:
  • Mop Sinks
  • Hand Wash Sinks
  • Food Preparation Sinks
  • Indirect Drains
  • Hoods
  • Fire Sprinklers with Large Occupant Loads
Tea Room Floor Plan
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  • Converting existing buildings
    into Restaurants or Bars
    usually entails a lot more
    costs than what the owner

  • Changing from a business
    occupancy to restaurant/bar
    will require modifications to
    the fire, handicap, health,
    and HVAC systems.

  • The kitchen is a major
    consideration for the power
    and hot water systems with
    many food service types
    requiring more water and
    larger septic systems.
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